Heather Dobbins-Combs

Cover painting by:
Hamlett Dobbins
Untitled (For J.W.)
Oil on canvas
Image courtesy the artist and David Lusk Gallery, Memphis, Tennessee.

  • “In the Low Houses” published in Beloit Poetry Journal
  • Featured poet for June 2013 Beloit Poetry Journal: essay on “In the Low Houses” and blog correspondence
  • “Sixth Graders Discuss Poetry” published in Structo
  • New Pages review of Structo and “Sixth Graders Discuss Poetry”
  • “Clay” and “Magnetism” published in TriQuarterly
  • “What Can’t Be Taken In” published in New Millenium Writings
  • Alzheimer’s White” published in Blue Fifth Review
  • WOUB Conversations from Studio B interview (Athens, Ohio)
  • Thanks to Blue Fifth Review for the Best of the Net nomination
  • Praise for In the Low Houses
    Heather Dobbins reading poems from In the Low Houses
    “In the Lowlands”
    “In the Low Houses”
    “Alzheimer’s White”
    “Bird in the Studio”
    “Sixth Graders Discuss Poetry”
    “What Can’t Be Taken In”
    “Picking Up”
    “Foolheart in West Tennessee”